Ruth Marks -Tarot Card Reader

Tarot Card Readings

I have been reading Tarot Cards for the past 20 years.

This is the path I have been guided into after many life experiences.

Although I use many different methods, such as Runes, Angel Cards & Crystals, I find the Tarot deck to be the most consistent and accurate guide when seeking the Truth about your Past, Present & Future. 

The Tarot has completely changed my life and I feel this is where I am meant to be. I believe that Karma has an effect on our lives and that we should strive to be kind to others. I did not ever expect to be in this place, and I am very happy to be able to offer constructive guidance, and help others in their search for happiness. The best thing for me is when people say, ‘I’m so glad I had a reading, I feel so much better now’.  Sometimes some guidance and perspective can be uplifting in itself.

I offer advice and guidance through the Tarot about relationships, business plans, finance, family matters, career choices and health.

I have read the Tarot at the Australian Logie Awards, The Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, and many of my clients are well know celebrities.

The Tarot has given me the ability to help others and my aim is to offer useful, inspiring and practical advice.  My work at corporate functions and parties has grown in popularity – so much so that I now have a website.

Love & Light, Ruth